Man down!

It’s been a while! School and rehearsals are keeping me busy. I got some bad new today…

Jehn is more than likely not going to be able to run the race with me anymore :[ Her knees aren’t in good condition right now and has fallen almost 2 weeks behind in the strict running schedule because of it! No bueno!! I’m very sad to loose my running partner in crime but I know she will still be here to motivate me and cheer me along the finish line when the day comes! We’ve made a promise to drink some green beer together! Can’t back down from that :]

Although I’ve lost my partner in crime, I have to keep on pushing through. This week I went from running for 1.5 min/walking 2 min…to running 3 minutes/walking 3 minutes for 25 min. It was tough. But I made it! It’s getting harder and harder to keep on track with all these things going on in my life but I’m going to stay focused because I know the victory at the end of the race will be a way better feeling than eating an entire pizza to myself. Even though that’s my plan after the race haha.

I want this at the finish line.

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