I’m officially registered for the St. Patrick’s Day 4 mile race!!! There’s no going back now! This is my newest motivation for staying on track. I payed my 25 dollars and I’m going to get a shirt and I know all this hard work is totally going to be worth it, especially if I get to celebrate with friends and family and some green beer!

8 weeks and 4 miles away!

Thanks to my favorite Jehn Glynn… I’m on my first week of the Couch to 5k program and Jehn is with me! I love that she’s doing it too because we can motivate each other the entire way through, and hopefully run all four miles and cross the finish line together! I love how positive we are both making this experience, and I know we will never forget this :]

I’ve been having a VERY hard time staying on track with my eating habits. I’m very disappointed in myself for getting off track so many days already. I just always find a way to cave in to my cravings. I’m trying to change my mindset about food now: Food is fuel. If you put clean food into your system, you will perform better. The better the food, the better the performance! So, NO dirty fuel! I want to accomplish this race more than anything right now so I’m not going to slow myself down just to have 5 minutes of heaven with that burrito and chocolate.

I want to be MY best. Leave me be, cravings!

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