I was very disappointed on sunday when I found out I hadn’t lost an ounce all week. But, four days later and I decided to step on the horrifying scale again today, thursday. I’ve lost 2.5 pounds! I know it’s not a lot…but it’s a small step in the right direction :] I cut alcohol out of my diet, which I think did the trick. I must admit I had ONE Mich Ultra at tuesday night karaoke…but I had 4 glasses of water prior so I think that was ok :]

I’m going to hike Camelback mountain again today with Andrea and Amy! I’m glad I know what to expect now but my muscles are still really sore and weak so I may not be able to handle as much today. I’m going to do camelback again saturday and hike in sunflower maybe sunday or monday too! I’m glad to make this a regular thing in my life…plus hiking is so much more fun with friends than jogging alone! It’s more like an activity than a work out :]

A great thing is I invested in a hydration back pack! It holds 2 liters of water, you carry it on your back and you don’t have to carry water bottles or stop to take them out of your pack every few minutes! I can just sip out the long straw and keep on truckin’ :]

Adele, Andrea, Amy hiking Camelback Mountain

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