What do you substitute?

I just got back from the grocery store and thought I would share some of my good findings!

I like to eat sandwiches for lunch but they can stack up the calories if your not careful! Here’s what I found:

Whole grain bread: 70 cal per slice
Heart healthy tortilla (roasted chipotle) 120 cal
Lean sandwich meat: 50 cal per 3 slices
Low fat cheese slices: 50 cal per slice
Miracle Whip (Mayo sub): 50 cal per Tbsp

Add in some fresh lettuce and tomatoes! Delicious AND low in calories and fat. I know sandwiches aren’t too filling on their own so, I got some 100 calories packets of baked cheetoes. You can get just about any chips available in a 100 cal pack!

Craving something salty? Eat when you’re bored? Sunflower seeds! They are cheap ($1 for a small bag), VERY salty, they take your mind off wanting to stuff your face, and by the time you feel like you’ve eaten too many…you’ve probably only taken in 150 calories!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a sweet tooth! Something health yet sweet: fruit roll ups. Only 50 calories, but satisfying :] Chewy granola bars can also hit the spot…just go with the reduced fat or sugar. Flavors like oatmeal-raisin, chocolate chip, and peanut butter are fabulous.

Keep in mind that some thing are just plain bad when you get the diet version of it. For example: Orange juice! Some things like this are just better in the original form…just drink a little bit of the regular instead of a lot of the diet.

What do you do to make your meals healthy? Share your good findings!

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One Response to What do you substitute?

  1. Abby says:

    I stock up on Honey Nut Cheerios, Yoplait Light yogurt (they even have Light Thick and Creamy–which is SO good, I think), and Progresso Light soups. They have such good flavors, and even though there are usually 2 servings in one big can, I eat the whole thing and it’s usually somewhere around 160-200 cals (more cals for the creamier soups). Whole grain pasta instead of regular; you can’t even taste the difference.

    My mom also recommended this website for me: http://www.hungrygirl.com ; it has a TON of recipes that are healthier imitations of high calories meals. I haven’t made anything from there yet but that’s just because my life seems so crazy right now!

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