I’m on a mission!

It’s the first Monday of a new year, 2011. This means everyone is supposed to drop the candy bars, and pick up the tennis shoes! I’ve had a VERY rough 2010. My heart has been broken, lost my job, and didn’t do so well in school. I have a feeling this year is my year. I’m on a mission to get fit. I’m currently at the highest weight I’ve been. Ever. Stress makes you eat and not want to work out. So I’m going to set some goals for ME. Not anyone else.

My goals!

Most importantly I need to fix my back. I’ve been though six months of chiropractor, physical therapy, doctors, and endless hours of EVERYONE poking around at me. And not my doctor wants to put me on antidepressants and and try out steroid shots.. I’ve had enough! These people are idiots so I’m just going to have to figure it out for myself.

To help fix my back I’m going to set these goals in hope that it will help.

Lose weight! My goal weight is 150 lbs. I currently weigh (I think) 197 lbs. I know it’s a big goal to lose 47 pounds and I probably won’t make it quiet that far but it’s something to strive for!

Get fit! I don’t just want to be skinny, I want to be strong, and lean. I want girls to be able to look up to be for having a strong body, not just skin and bones. I’m going to work on my core muscles the most to strengthen my back!

Eat healthy! The hardest part… Putting down that bag of chips and picking up some fresh veggies or an apple. I’m going to make it fun. Make some ants on a log! Do something I love beside eating when I get bored like sing, draw, or play with my dog :] Losing weight isn’t just about working out and eating less. I want to be HEALTHY, not just plain old thin.

My goal is to rock a bikini this summer, and blow the doctors away! I want to be motivation for all kinds of people whether you want to lose 10 pounds, or 100 pounds. If you want to just get fit and be healthy for the sake of feeling amazing everyday, follow me!

I’ll keep this site updated with daily exercises and eating habits. I’ll find fun stuff for you to do to keep fit and healthy. Every two weeks I will update my weight loss and how much closer I’m getting to my own goals. I would love to hear your feedback too!


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One Response to I’m on a mission!

  1. jehn says:

    You go guurl! I am excited to follow this blog!

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